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  • How to get a (cheap) grammable bike – getting the best deals in 2022

    Do you also have a close friend who has recently gotten a shiny new bike? And you found it annoying how they kept going on about it at first, but n...
  • Used Bikes Pricing Comparison - Giant, Trek, Liv , Raliegh, EliptiGo and more

    Used Bikes Pricing Comparison – All Ranges, Types, And Conditions To Look For There are many different types of used bikes, so it can be tough to k...
  • Cycling & Muscle Groups Training

    It’s no secret that riding your bike is an excellent form of exercise, but exactly which parts of your body receive the biggest benefit from cyclin...
  • Bicycle Frames And The Differences Between Them

    A bike’s frame is its skeleton. The frame is the most recognizable aspect of a bike from color to style to size to branding. There are many different types of frames that make certain bikes better for certain purposes than others. Having a knowledge of different bike frames can help you choose the right bike, whether it’s for commuting, exercise, competition, or work.
  • Recommended Bicycle Safety Gear for New York

    Did you know that riding a bicycle is statistically more dangerous than driving a car? Cyclists face many risks every time they ride, especially if they are riding on roadways that are shared with motor vehicles. However, there are many ways that cyclists can mitigate these safety risks by protecting themselves with high-visibility clothing, safety gear, and good riding habits.

    Here are a few items and habits that can make your life as a cyclist safer and easier!

  • NYC Bike Lanes and Rules of the Road

    Are you new to the city or looking to get into biking around for the first time but feel intimidated by all the rules and different routes?

    This simple guide will hopefully clear things up and make the ride easy.

    First, build up your confidence by researching the best route to your destination before you leave. 

    Full map of the bike paths in all Ney Work City five boroughs |can be found on the website here.

  • Electric bikes and scooters: all the rage!

    If you’ve been on the streets in New York City recently, you have surely noticed the increased presence of electric vehicles, including battery-powered scooters and bikes.

    This is due to a legislative change that allowed the use of throttle-powered vehicles on all NYC streets. This comes as a relief to many who rely on these types of vehicles for transportation, including people who want to avoid public transit because of COVID, as well as delivery drivers and couriers. Prior to this time, people in possession of electric bicycles or electric scooters faced confiscation and/or fines of up to $500!

  • Cycling In NYC

    Discover these remarkable places to ride your bike in NYC on this complete list of the best places to bike from Bike Rent NYC! Fun & Unique NYC Tours 
  • Fun & Unique NYC Tours

    Here’s a tour for everyone in New York City. Find the right NYC sightseeing tour for you on this list from Bike Rent NYC.

    READ: Perfect bikes for exploring NYC. Read more: Giant Cypress DX (2020) 

    There are so many locations to explore in New York City, it’s even hard for those who live here to know where to start. Not to worry – that’s where sightseeing tours come in! At Bike Rent NYC, we know the best tours to see the city. So, we’ve put together this essential list of unique sightseeing tours in NYC.

  • Which Bike Is Best?

    Which Bike Is Best?

    Need help finding the best bike for you? Have a look at these different bike types from Bike Rent NYC! Check out here...