How to get a (cheap) grammable bike – getting the best deals in 2022

Do you also have a close friend who has recently gotten a shiny new bike? And you found it annoying how they kept going on about it at first, but now after having had a few test-runs in the park, you're sort of leaning into getting one yourself?

You can never go wrong with deciding to buy a new bike. For one, cycling is something you do outdoors, and after being cooped up in your home during the pandemic, being outdoors sounds almost magical. It's a good exercise; we know you've been binge-eating Cheetos while binge-watching The Crown on Netflix. And lastly, I mean, come on, it's cool.

But if you're a newbie in the world of bicycles, it can be challenging to understand how to acquire a bike and not become broke as you do so. This article is here to take you through some of the ways you can get the best deal on your new bicycle.


This the perfect season to buy a bike – or is it?

You're in the mood, and you need it now; we get it, but bicycle sales undergo seasonal ups and downs, and it will benefit you more if you choose when to buy your new bike wisely.

Usually, retailers will try to sell off their inventory as quickly as possible - often for discounted prices - in the fall or winter season to make space for the incoming new models. Discounts can range from 10-25%. If you are not particular about buying the hottest and latest model of a certain product, then buying your bike during this time will suit you.

The one drawback when doing this is you might find very limited options. This is the stock of bicycles the shops did not sell throughout the year and hence might not have the specifications or designs you want.

Seasonal variation in sales also depends on where you are buying your bike. Up north, where the weather is colder, it's easier to get the bike of your choice in warmer weather as this is when sales pick up, and retailers will have a more extensive stock of bicycles. However, in places where the weather generally remains warm, bike production slows down after April as manufacturers prepare to start working on the newer models.

We suggest hitting as many stores as possible when buying a bike for the first time. Do some legwork to see which option suits you the best. Ultimately, whatever you buy should make you happy and satisfied.


Should I buy a used bike?

Buying used bikes is a tried and tested strategy for saving money when purchasing for the first time. You can choose to buy a used bike from a rental shop, or you can buy it from a private party through eBay or craigslist. Each method has its pros and cons. Buying demo bikes from rental shops means that the bicycle will generally be in good condition; however, you need to be vigilant in your inspection of the vehicle. The bike may have undergone some heavy use and might not last you long, depending on the location where it was previously used.

Buying from private parties through websites gives you the advantage of knowing the rank of each seller so you can find the seller you trust the most. These bikes, however, have generally been in regular use and may have undergone a lot of wear and tear.

The Pro's Closet is a store that sells bikes used by professional bike riders. These bikes are assessed for their functionality and quality by the company itself, which means you won't have to worry about the condition of the vehicle when buying from them.

Buying a well-kept bike for a price well below its usual rate sounds like a sweet deal, but for this strategy to work out for you, you need to inspect your potential bike carefully when buying.


I'll take that for half the price.

Don't shy away from haggling for a better price when buying a bike. For new customers, sellers would often reduce the cost as much as they possibly could. This is because they are looking to make you a returning customer, and for that to happen, they need you to be happy when you leave their shop.


That's all great, but I don't know what to buy.

You're new at this, and you don't know what any of it means when they start listing specifications at you. You just rub your chin and act reflective so you don't look clueless. Don't worry; we have just the thing for you – Demo programs!

These programs allow you to test several bikes for a certain period and help you decide once you are done trying them out. Of course, these programs come at a price, but it's usually a fair rate, and you'll almost always end up with a product that satisfies you.


It's kind of like I want the latest iPhone, but it's a bike.

If you want to save money, buying the newest model in a bike is not going to help you. Keep an open mind while searching so you can take advantage of sales when there is limited stock available. You're more likely to get the most economical deal if you give yourself a little room on some of the specifications.

Last year's models will almost always work just as well as the latest ones. However, bicycling is an activity you should thoroughly enjoy. You'll spend a lot of time with your bike, so it should be something you like.

It's going to put a dent in your wallet but if you want the new model, go for it.


Should I buy from Direct-to-consumer bike companies?

Just as the name suggests, these are companies that manufacture and sell bikes directly to consumers without involving any middlemen such as third-party retailers or wholesalers in between. Buying from companies like YT industries will cost you less without having to compromise on the quality of your vehicle.

Do I need to pay all of it right now?

Not necessarily. You can choose to get banks to finance your purchase and pay it off within a pre-decided period. In this way, you can spread out the cost over a few months and enjoy your new bike without having to wait. Beware of interest rates, though; they can be pretty high if you don't pay your bills in due time.

Should I just build my bike?

Through a little hard work and scavenging, you can build your bike by combining new components you will buy and old functioning parts you already own. It's a brilliant way to save money; however, if not adequately planned out, sometimes this method ends up costing a lot, so make sure to budget properly before choosing which parts to buy and which to reuse.

A bike for her.

Bikes also have a subset of models that are specifically built for female bike riders. However, these are usually few and have limited options. Women can save much more money by buying bikes that are built for men and making adjustments to them so that these bikes suit them better.

Can't I just add it to the cart?

Over the last few years, many online bike stores have popped up on the internet, making the bike buying experience much easier for new customers. However, many still prefer to buy their vehicles at a physical store to inspect them thoroughly and make sure they fit their needs. This can be hard to do in online stores, especially for newbies who don't have a lot of knowledge about bike specifications and which sizes would suit them the best.

Are bike prices likely to become cheaper in 2022?

With the current rise in demand for bikes due to the pandemic and the various trends that started because of it, bike prices have steadily gone up. Unfortunately, experts believe that if the demand doesn't taper out soon, this will continue to be the case in the foreseeable future.

There is a very wide gap between the demand and supply of bicycles, as well as a shortage of employees in the bike industry. Prices of raw materials such as aluminum, shipping charges, and cost of labor have all gone up and will continue to do so as demands continue to rise.


If you've read this far, you must be very serious about buying a new bike. Getting the best deal can present with a bit of a challenge, but as with any purchase where you want to be economical and find a product you love, you need to do some Sherlock-Esque sleuthing.

Be in the right place, at the right time, with the proper budget, and you'll have your dream bike in your hands in no time.