Recommended Bicycle Safety Gear for New York

Did you know that riding a bicycle is statistically more dangerous than driving a car? Cyclists face many risks every time they ride, especially if they are riding on roadways that are shared with motor vehicles. However, there are many ways that cyclists can mitigate these safety risks by protecting themselves with high-visibility clothing, safety gear, and good riding habits.

Here are a few items and habits that can make your life as a cyclist safer and easier!


New York State law mandates that any rider 14 years or younger must wear a helmet while cycling. Although they aren’t mandatory for adults, you should always wear a helmet while riding a bicycle. Bicycle helmets prevent serious injuries and can even provide life-saving protection in the case of an accident. We recommend Giant brand MIPS helmets, which are quality controlled and inspected for safety. Always make sure that your helmet is securely placed on your head with the clasp buckled snugly underneath your chin.

Indicating Turns

Motor vehicles are required to have indicator lights to signal turns, and traffic law requires that drivers use them when turning or switching lanes. Traffic law also mandates that cyclists also indicate turns. The best way to do this is to use your left or right arm to signal the turn before you begin turning. Making sure that everyone around you is aware that you are going to turn is an easy way to prevent mishaps and accidents on the road.

Headlights and Taillights

If you happen to be riding at nighttime, it is highly recommended that you equip your bike with lights on the rear and the front to increase your visibility on the road. Having a well-illuminated path in front of you while you’re riding can prevent unexpected objects, people, or animals from crossing your path and putting you in danger.


Peripheral vision is very important for everyone on the road. Having a mirror mounted on your handlebars or your helmet greatly increases the amount of awareness you can have about your surroundings. Proper use of a cycling mirror minimizes blind spots and decreases your chances of being involved in an accident.


If you are behind someone on a road or bike path and are looking to pass them by, you should always alert them of your position by ringing your bell before you get too close. Ringing your bell when you get close to another cyclist or a pedestrian is a good way to keep everyone safer.

Maintaining Distance

Protect yourself and others on the road by maintaining at least three bicycle lengths of distance between yourself and others whenever possible. This way, you have time to react to any sudden change in circumstances like a vehicle stopping short or a tire popping. If you’re not able to maintain the appropriate amount of distance, exercise extra caution when riding.

Cycling to and from work as a commute is only growing more and more popular here in the US. As more cyclists hit the road, it’s important that everyone is aware of the things that they can do be safer, regardless of their experience level and confidence on a bicycle.

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