Cycling In NYC

Discover these remarkable places to ride your bike in NYC on this complete list of the best places to bike from Bike Rent NYC! Fun & Unique NYC Tours 

What’s the best way to see New York City? Skip the traffic and head out on a bike for captivating waterfront views and breathtaking greenways. Bike Rent NYC put together this list of the best places in NYC to ride a bicycle. So, whether you’re a tourist, or a local looking for something new, strap-on your helmet and let’s go for a ride.

1.) Hudson River Greenway

The longest greenway in Manhattan, Hudson River Greenway makes up a 12.9-mile paved
path along the Hudson River. Don’t miss Cherry Walk, a stunning stretch of the
trail inside Riverside Park that has hundreds of cherry trees. When you’ve
finished, ride the rest of the greenway for unforgettable views of the Hudson

2.) Central Park

You’ll find this historic landmark in the middle of Manhattan. Central park is one of the most
filmed places in the world, so you’ll surely recognize spots like the Bethesda
Fountain and the 110th Street Bridge. For an authentic experience, book your 2-hour tour of Central Park with Bike Rent NYC!

3.) East River Greenway

On the other side of Manhattan, you’ll find the East River Greenway. Like the Hudson
River Greenway, you’ll encounter a number of the best parks to ride bikes
dotting the trail. Stop along the south entrance of East River Park for
incredible views of both the Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge.

4.) Williamsburg

Williamsburg is a rapidly changing neighborhood in Brooklyn with a melting pot ethnic
groups. Because of this, Williamsburg has an active nightlife, mouth-watering
cuisine, and a fascinating art-scene. Bike Rent NYC offers an expert-led 2-hour tour with captivating views of the Manhattan skyline and
Williamsburg’s colorful murals.

5.) Highbridge Park Mountain Bike Trail

This spot is a little different than the other best places to ride a bicycle in NYC.
For those wanting to crank up the adrenaline, you’ll find cross-country,
free-ride, and BMX trails complete with jumps!

Explore The Best Places To Bike In NYC With Bike Rent NYC !

It’s mind-blowing that there are so many awesome parks to ride your bike in New York
City. Whether you want to go out on your own or take one of our five
expert-guided tours, visit Bike Rent NYC or call us at (212) 541 – 8759 to experience all
New York has to offer!

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