Which Bike Is Best?

Need help finding the best bike for you? Have a look at these different bike types from Bike Rent NYC!

At Bike Rent NYC, we know there’s no such thing as the best bike. It depends on what your needs are, and you want to do with
it. That’s why we carry a variety of bikes from the leading brands – Trek and Giant. We even have bikes from Liv – a company that designs bikes just for women. Check it out: Liv Flourish FS 1 (2020) 

So, read on to find out which bike might be the right one for you! Read also: Cycling In NYC.


Mountain bikes are designed for off-road use, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be in the mountains. These durable bikes go
any place that has rough terrain. You can usually identify a mountain bike by the wide tires which provide extra traction.


Road bikes are made to go fast. As a result, they weigh less and have a sloping handlebar, so the rider can lean forward in
an aerodynamic posture. Trek has a variety of road bikes and a handy guide to help you pick the right one.


A hybrid bike blends the mountain and road bike styles to create a versatile option. Since they’re not specialized, hybrid
bikes are most popular with casual riders, beginners, and commuters.


A tandem bike seats two people sitting fore to aft, not side by side (that’s called a sociable). Both riders pedal, but only
the front rider steers. These bikes have the potential to go much faster because of the double power.


While electric bikes have been gaining in popularity recently, the first US patent for an electric bike was filed in
1895. These days, e-bikes have rechargeable batteries, and many are based off
the early designs, like the Giant LaFree – with some improvements, of course!

Adult Tricycle

Just like the children’s version, adult tricycles have three wheels. These bikes are ideal for people who have trouble
balancing on a regular bicycle. You can usually find them with a bigger basket, making them great for shopping or transporting items.


Handcycles are a type of tricycle that use hand power instead of leg power. Handcycles make the joy of riding available to
people with disabilities. They come in a number of varieties like off-road and racing.


Carbon fiber is a material used to build a stronger, lighter-weight bike. There are two drawbacks. First, they’re more expensive. Second, they crack under stress or collision. But with the right care, they’re worth it for the speed!

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